hi salut ciao hola + cead mile failte

in real life, i’m a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a friend, silly, compassionate and
am likely found thumbing through vinyl…yes vinyl…walking on the beach with
ipod + camera in hand…
in a gallery…perusing a cookbook or laughing at some smarty-pants remark…witty quips, that is…sarcasm is an entirely different beast

i’m a freelance studio artist and…i…love…it

as an added bonus…my rent is paid… i find myself in airplanes on a regular basis and my cat friday, is well fed and loved

my approach to design is the same as my approach to life…keep it simple… easier said than done …but really…what your teacher said is true…less is more

i’ve been extremely fortunate to have worked with some of the best people in the biz, many of whom i still work with today… i’d give myself a bit of credit for my work ethic playing a part…but i’m far too humble

on the personal side, i grew up on a farm in southwestern ontario…one of my uncles still raises beef…with 4 hockey-loving older brothers (!), 8 nieces +
5 nephews,
and a very large cast of merry pranksters, known as my extended family…the fournies..god love ’em

based in toronto since 1994, this city girl maintains her small town heart