mars – america

one of my favourite bands recently released a new album. this article came across my radar and i couldn’t ignore responding. not because i’m selling mars to the world, but obvious (to me) dots weren’t being connected.

we all recognize that artists need to grow, but isn’t anyone who is complaining, comparing or leaving, doing the opposite? aren’t you the ones who aren’t growing? i’m not saying like it – give it a fair listen and consider it.

isn’t jared expressing what he’s seeing – what alot of us are seeing, in the world? has he mellowed? has he caved to trends? i doubt it. with age and perspective, we realize there’s a different way to fight. it may not appear as energetic as in our youth. it doesn’t mean we’re less passionate – just shaking our heads at the same old fight.

battle of one – still fires me up but i can say – great wide open equally stirs the emotional soup. i hear the battle cry – ‘won’t you stop? please. let it out, go, time to lay down your arms’; love is madness – that’s not passion? (use of ‘love’ notwithstanding) and shannon’s ‘remedy’ is pure fight, delivered in a soothing voice that if we’re lucky, we’ll get to hear again and again. bravery at its finest. we don’t know what exactly they’re referencing in any song, but i guarantee – it’s not the obvious. if you haven’t noticed, jl is a crafty wordsmith – intentionally.

we all have to be money making machines. it’s possible/probable that jared is more successful and diverse than most. does that make him a money whore? nope. just a clever, fearless entrepreneur who happens to also be a creative tour de force.

and tomo? wait and see. every generation has claimed ‘rock is dead’ since the beginning. his voice is loud and clear on twitch and a pre-tour tweet (13 feb )– are you guys getting pumped for this tour or what?!?!?!?!? i’m ready to fucking shred. would he have spent the time rehearsing –new songs included, to drop two days into a tour? no. i miss that crazy mofo and hope that he and his family are well. it would break my heart if he never smiled or played – anywhere, again.

said without malice, as type has a way of miscontruing tone – you no longer hold your grudge against one more light due to its associations. great. boiling it down – weren’t chester and jared both writing about their current events? how they moved forward is different. sadly, it was still very current for chester. we would all do well to learn from chester’s and chris cornell’s deaths. (as one who has suicide in my family.)

and while i’m at it – the album art. i see the covers as holding up mirrors to what’s seemingly important, according to those who were polled. a harsh truth with a candy coloured background. paints quite a strong picture, if you ask me. isn’t it human nature to sugar coat the truth? the covers have done exactly what jared always does – getting people to think and talk. that’s the point of art.

i realize i sound like i’m lovestruck. i kinda am. i don’t consider myself echelon, but a lover of music – from art pepper to ziggy marley and names/genres in between. what jared personally, and the band have accomplished is incredible. one thing is certain – the man on this particular spaceship is doing brilliant things and has done so – for years. all the negative chatter proves it.

tomo in artifact – jared always talks about it. someday, some kid is going to find a way to do it all themselves.

maybe we’re seeing one step closer to that.

jared – i will see you in toronto. at the m+g, too. i can’t fucking wait.

yeah, a small cute – very polite – canadian girl said that.

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