hi salut ciao hola + céad míle fáilte

i’m a studio artistand i. love. it.

my approach to design is the same as my approach to life. keep it simpleeasier said than done, but what your teacher said is true. less is more.

studios are naturally collaborative. they’re amazing spaces to play in. everyone wants to be in creative…with good reason! admittedly, i’m particular about organization. it’s the artist’s responsibility to build and leave files as clean as possible, because someone else will work with your file. careless work is the difference between an overnighter or dinner at home… simple as that. 

art is subjective. good design is when the user – visually – understands the message immediately. no second guessing – who, what, when, where, why and sometimes how, are answered. art is also emotion. it should stir you up. positive, negative – on paper, a building, or a shelf-talker at the chemist – doesn’t matter. creating an experience is the artist’s responsibility.

i’ve seen a doodle on a lunch-stained scrap of paper turn into a floor decal

a sharpie, a scanner, a few laughs brainstorming et voilà… a national campaign! cool ass s**t. brian peete… i can still hear your laugh!

in real life, i’m a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a friend, silly, eternally curious and am likely found thumbing through vinyl, yes vinylwalking on the beach with ipod + camera in hand... giggling at or making some smarty-pants remark…witty quips – my fave

an added bonus – my rent is paid, i find myself in airplanes on a regular basis and my cat friday is well fed and loved

on the personal side, i grew up on a farm in southwestern ontario with 4 hockey-loving older brothers (!), 7 nieces + 7 nephews (!!) … and a very large cast of merry pranksters, known as my extended family. the fournies (!!!) … god love ’em

for lack of a better description… in no particular order… i’m a multilingual, traveller, athletic, defender of underdogs, four-letter word enthusiast, ornament, dreamer, believer, risk taker, rocknroll-granola-girl, former gymnast, entrepreneur, artist

i’m still adding to the list, but those labels aren’t so bad, are they andy?

based in toronto since 1994, this city girl maintains her small town heart

* a studio artist that, on her own page, is light-fingered with the upper case characters and punctuation. but on yours? they’ll be caught