farm-y may + june

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farm-y in scotland

bridge at kirkcudbright harbour

as many of you know, i’ve just returned from a family vacation to scotland…my dads family…the paternal side…came from kirkgunzeon, kirkcudbrightshire, on the south west coast, near the english border

i should state here that the majority of the population in the toronto area..are first or second generation canadians …what’s not to like about everyone in the world wanting to live in canada? absolutely nothing! c’mon in! all the cool kids are here!…and it’s few and far between that one finds a 4th or 5th generation canadian…meet my family

as i’ve been researching, we’ve found that the first members of dads family started coming over in the 1750s and moms ..maternal side..first arrived from france in the mid 1600s…holy cow! we are canadian! …both families started off in quebec (dad, wolfe’s cove and mom, montreal) and eventually made their way to the london area…amazing

think about that..think about what was here in the 16 and 17oos…absolutely nothing…i’m in awe of the bravery and courage…the determination for a better life…and the fact that some of them survived…because there were many, many both families …who did not

back to scotland and how is this farm-y?…seems as though my dad is a transplanted city-boy on his moms side …more on grandma rosie in a later post – she was a firecracker…on the scottish side…the carswell …thomas and his wife jannet (sloan)…family had a 250 acre farm.. tarkirrow.. raised feed crops and later members of the family had a mill on the harbour.. near the bridge in the picture above… in kirkcudbright..where maize from the states and liverpool was stored and distributed… there’s one or two very interesting and shocking stories …pirates, murder (murder-ee, not murder-er), champagne and hangings … that we were told as well…more on those after i’ve done more research

it’s a strange feeling to be in a place that your distant family members have been…especially as an honorary carswell…one might think that there might not be the same sense of connection … happily that is not the case

pictures from the trip are posted on stills…and i’ve only just realized we didn’t take a family photo while there…guess we’ll have to go back

many thanks to mr devereaux and denise at the stewartry museum in kirkcudbright for all their help and research

m is for mom


this is mom…the original fournie farm girl…next to grandma, that is

i think, if you asked her…she’d say her life has been and is great, but there’s nothing remarkable about it…but she’d be wrong

my mom has done it all…she’s raised 5 kids…has almost a baseball team of grandchildren, she worked as a nurse ...recently celebrating her 5oth anniversary of graduation…knows how to milk a cow… can cook up a feast… has travelled with habitat for humanity…central america in particular…understands what offside is…and can snap a zingy remark like no one’s business!

in the mid 50s, mom ‘argued’ with grandpa to go into nursing school…he figured she’d get married and raise a family…but mom wanted to have a career, too…so what’d she do? went to school and 6 months after graduation got married..and 9 months + 1 day later…had twins…rick + rob…what a trailblazer

she worked through the 60s… going into semi retirement in the early 70s…during that time, there was not a bake sale, a school trip or a hockey tournament without my mom’s prints all over it! when i was in high school, mom returned to the classroom for a nursing refresher course and subsequently returned to work…at parkwood hospital in london, on the palliative care unit…she was fantastic…it’s a difficult floor to work on..but mom..with her caring nature…and her love of nursing and respect for others, just made her patients every stage of life..and  handled it all with ease

after ‘really’ retiring…mom and dad decided to put their skills to good use and volunteered with habitat for humanity…making several trips…enjoying every minute

throughout their lives…they’ve always welcomed others into their home, helped when ever they can..and have many, many friends..from all over the world

i’m not really doing her justice here..but that’s the way mom would want it