i sing for my supper… and breakfast



⊕  creative, design, production, typography, brand application, pre-press
  speed, accuracy, efficiency, troubleshooting
  organization – mechanicals, servers, studio
very comfortable working en français
  project management, mock-ups
⊕  frequently requested for multi-piece, multi-page jobs

  arriving for short contracts – leaving years later
⊕  internationally awarded

⊕  dreamer photographer traveller plays well with others


to be more than your average studio artist

BMO Bank of Montreal/BMO MasterCard  
In-bank collateral — account opening applications, brand application, rebranding, wealth reports, powerpoint presentations, training manuals, brochures, posters, plexi stands, billboards, display screens, toolkits, ads,
credit card apps / BRE. All pieces bilingual.

Corporate product brochure, sell sheets, client stories

Egencia Canada  
Collateral, powerpoint presentations for Meetings + Incentives sales team

RSA Insurance Canada  
Print + web collateral — brand application, brochures, posters, toolkits, tradeshow booths + collateral, corporate event visitor experience, logos,
signage, ad/info cubes + dielines, pocket folders, email blasts, email signatures, banners, proposals, powerpoint presentations. Most pieces bilingual.

TAXI2 Advertising 
Brand application – in-market collateral, billboards, out of home, pos, pop, corporate brochures, packaging, newsprint/magazine

Creative Network
BMO Bank of Montreal, BMO MasterCard, RSA Insurance, Best Doctors Canada, B2B Trust, Shred-it Document Destruction, Securit Records Management, Unisource Paper. Delivering all files to specs + regulations
— mechanical, print, government, postage. All pieces bilingual.

Mackenzie Financial
Quarterly financial reports for 45 funds. All pieces bilingual.

Echo Advertising
Starbucks, Canadian Opera Company
Brand application – in-store collateral, out of home, brochures, newsprint/magazine ads, vehicles, banners, t-shirts. All pieces bilingual.

AIR MILES – The Loyalty Group
Quarterly Mega Miles promotion: 10 regional coupon booklets:
150+ coupons, pos, pop, display, ooh, print/mag ads; direct mail
campaigns; lettershop. All pieces bilingual

LA Ads Inc 
Real estate marketing for new and existing condo developments
Branding + application, floorplans, ads, saleskits, posters, wayfinding signage

Cameron Douglas + Associates
Annual reports 
Real estate marketing for new and existing commercial developments
Branding + application, floorplans, ads, saleskits, posters, wayfinding signage

Howard Integrated Marketing 
Becton Dickinson (Tensor/Ace Bandages), GlaxoSmithKlein
Pharmaceutical packaging, product infosheets and monographs.
Blueskin Waterproofing Membrane – Packaging, data sheets
All pieces bilingual (Canada English/French, US English/Spanish)

Brunico Communications
‘boards, realScreen, kidScreen, strategy + playback
Design, layout + production for international + Canadian trade publications. Processing + troubleshooting internationally submitted artworks. Branding
+ application, visitor experience for magazine-led events and conferences (kidScreen + realScreen summits) signage, invites, ads, delegate binders. 

BMG Music Canada  
Artist Identity
jacksoul, christina aguilera, love inc., p!nk, treble charger
cd art, in-store set-ups, tour programmes, t-shirts, schedules, laminates,
contest promos, postcards, stickers,
skateboards, posters/banners, pins; sourcing promo items

Columbia House Canada  
Direct Mail
CD art, monthly brochures, order forms, letters, promos
All pieces bilingual.

Horizon Studios/Commix Communications  
Bayer, Lever Ponds, Ferrero Rocher
print: sell sheets, new product launch, packaging, in-store display units, pop, info booklets. All pieces bilingual.
cd: Flintstones Good Food Game, Myoflex CME