writing + editing

writing – with a purpose – is a relatively new thing for me. i’ve been writing – for myself – since grade school. my desk was always plein de cahiers. the disciplinary lines were done on single page foolscap. right michelle? 

i submitted a project recently, and was down to one word. seriously. one. final. word. once that missing combination of letters was handed to me – thank you, geoffrey – it fell into place. i shifted a couple other words and the puzzle was complete. anyone have an extra roget? large print version? i glossed right over the obvious – repeatedly. self imposed pressure can have that effect. 

it was worth it. i’m full of beans, very proud, hopeful and confident with the work presented. fingers crossed!

a newsletter, presentation, email blast or posts on socials – it’s called content these days. it’s really just a picture and several words strung together concisely.  

new works will be added once they’re not in progress, but in the meantime – an edit for a grant proposal and my response to a one-sided album review. i couldn’t let it slide. btw – the entire site was wordsmithed by me. my dear friend proofs and pushes all the right word-y buttons.

a response to a blog that was rattled off quickly. i like how it presents. f-bombs and spelling mistakes included. the link above shows the article, but feel free to give it a miss. you’ll have a good idea from my two ducats. oh – it was posted on oz-time.