writing + editing

content is a big word these days. keeping a cahier and pen at the ready keeps ideas from straying too far. 

newsletters ⊕ presentations ⊕ e-blasts ⊕ blogs ⊕ socials

write    edit  ⊕  proof  ⊕  deliver

on a recent project, i was down to  one. final. word. the elusive mofo was handed to me – thank you, geoffrey – a few others shifted and bingo bango. it was worth the wait. i’m proud, confident and full of beans with the work presented. fingers crossed!

new works will be added once completed, but in the meantime – an edit for a grant proposal and my response to a one-sided album review i couldn’t let slide.

the site is all me – as is lessismore.creativemy dear friend –and kick-ass editor – keeps the lard factor in check, pushes the word-y buttons and engages her red spectacles for the proofing. do yourself a favour – never proof your own work

a response to a blog that was rattled off quickly. f-bombs and spelling mistakes included. the link above shows the article – give it a miss. my two ducats should give an idea. posted on oz-time.