STRATEGY + DESIGN + PRODUCTION my bff is a self-published kick-ass saucy novel writer… scarlett… not her real name… asked my help and like all good friends – i did… happily. in my life for the better part of 20 freakin’ years and i don’t know where i’d be without her! #true.

much more than swag – we decided (well, i conned her..) to take a different approach to the strategy. it made immediate sense to me to market scarlett… not just the current release. when you pick up her book… you get a great read and an escape for a few minutes. as a busy mom, she doesn’t get many! she occasionally posts these tub shots and that’s how i think of her when she’s dishing on cover model abs, i mean… the book du jour. left to right – front facing table runner, bookmark, business cards (front + back) and pamper pack bag tags. we’ve also made the requisite banners, magnets, stickers all the good stuff.

head over to amazon and pick up TIME WILL TELL. it’s a sweet, heart-wrencher. an incredible effort for a first timer… this is not a biased opinion!

so proud of you girlie! xos

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